76 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  atom0s eb20d4105c Fix crash with Steam overlay. 3 months ago
  atom0s 10ce5a26c0 Fix a minor issue with the new bind change that prevented Shorthand functions from working. 3 months ago
  atom0s a168ca1625 Changed keybinds to allow multiple commands in a single line separated via semi-colons. 4 months ago
  atom0s 8f7c63af9c Updated bootloader to v1.0.0.4 4 months ago
  atom0s a4ab26191d Added new menu pointer to the pointer scanning. 5 months ago
  atom0s e2ba061215 Fixed IsInputOpen function returning the wrong value due to invalid offset. 5 months ago
  atom0s a310ea6049 Input will now block keybinds allowing bound keys to be used while chatting in-game. 5 months ago
  atom0s 962a2f4fe0 Updated copyrights to proper year. 5 months ago
  atom0s c170128541 Fixed issue with /paste command not working with Shift-JIS characters. 7 months ago
  atom0s 939ab22480 Part 2 of the packet system changes has been implemented. 8 months ago
  atom0s a3b8d536d8 Fixed issue that would cause some system messages to not appear in the chat log. 8 months ago
  atom0s a941513e0f Adjusted registry setting paths for Japanese client to use older JP client path first. 8 months ago
  atom0s 0d3698f1b3 Reverted chat changes (partially) from earlier. Plugins will no longer receive messages added to chat from other plugins/addons. 8 months ago
  atom0s 324fda7375 Updated copyright across all source files. 8 months ago
  atom0s f2d5b7ae3d Fixed issue with timestamp double-stamping npc chat lines. 8 months ago
  atom0s d8551f566b Updated plugins for new alignment fixes. 8 months ago
  atom0s a2b8e91a8e Fixed struct packing issue with player struct causing some fields to unalign. 8 months ago
  atom0s f60fe75c1d Fixed an inconsistency with plugin chat messages not being sent to the incoming text handler properly. 8 months ago
  atom0s 80589a39f5 Fixed issue where plugins would receive Direct3D calls even if they failed to initialize for Direct3D. 8 months ago
  atom0s 7b209061bc Adjusted Ashita to not log anything until after the boot file has been parsed. 8 months ago
  atom0s 491ce9be02 Adjusted how modified packet buffer is handled for Incoming and Outgoing packet events to plugins and addons. 8 months ago
  atom0s e970d5a881 Fixed resource parsing issues with specific language settings. 8 months ago
  atom0s 61c1bd80b6 Fixed broken player pointer. 8 months ago
  atom0s d82dec0d22 Added functions to trim colors and translate tags from a string. 8 months ago
  atom0s 09a6e499a2 Added ashita.regex.search to make use of C++11's regex_search feature. 8 months ago
  atom0s 3477626a30 Fixed issue with scripts double printing .txt extension. 8 months ago
  atom0s f1f543d253 Reverted the render order of font objects as layered plugins were now rendering incorrectly. 8 months ago
  atom0s 40d4e5005c Fixed issues with controllers not working always. 8 months ago
  atom0s 35fa8ac0fc Fixed issue with configuration files that have .xml in their path already. 8 months ago
  atom0s 2feb75032a Adjusted font code some. 8 months ago
  atom0s 3f403207fc Adjusted font issue to use a larger vertex buffer to try and prevent font bug. 8 months ago
  atom0s 1d400209bd Slight fix to memory changes. 9 months ago
  atom0s b084ff353a Reverted memory scanner changes, the newer method was too unreliable. 9 months ago
  atom0s 1179b2cf31 Adjusted the mouse callback function to include the message. 9 months ago
  atom0s 418d9a480a Adjusted font rendering to try and fix invisible font bug. 9 months ago
  atom0s 3282f0d1c2 General update commit. 9 months ago
  atom0s 8d1af2b313 Force require various Lua libraries to adjust to recent addon change. 9 months ago
  atom0s f64ad5d8e8 Removed default ffxi scripts from the common Lua lib. 9 months ago
  atom0s ce97e930d5 Plugin updates. 9 months ago
  atom0s 4f2839a85e Plugin updates. 9 months ago
  atom0s a3009054a7 Corrected size checks in new FindPattern. 9 months ago
  atom0s a2038c1e33 Updated FindPattern implementation to use boyre-moore pattern for faster scanning. 9 months ago
  atom0s dba1984da3 Adjusted memory scanner to obtain its data by reference to prevent creating copies of data. 9 months ago
  atom0s 1c6d7b7604 Adjusted party member name return to be an empty string if invalid rather than nullptr. (To mimic Ashita v2 usage.) 9 months ago
  atom0s 140bf1c401 Adjusted font object recreations to be less overkill. 9 months ago
  atom0s f29edf5e59 Fixed crash issues and renaming issues with entity SetName and SetMonstrosityName. 9 months ago
  atom0s e2aea096f8 Updated some positions of TParty. 9 months ago
  atom0s b07e434d7d Fixed issues with rendering right-justified text. 9 months ago
  atom0s dfc92ea0e2 Added new command to addons: /addon silent 9 months ago
  atom0s 2b6788bd94 Added new command /plugin silent - used to disable plugin messages in the chatlog. (Load/Unload/UnloadAll, exceptions and errors will still be announced.) 9 months ago